Palais de Tokyo, Paris


As a nod to our fast-paced society, installation artist Nini Gollong has teamed up with Vestoj Magazine in aim to question our relationship to sacred objects that are nowadays often considered to be out-of-fashion.

In today's media industry, where the web is increasingly replacing glossy prints, intelligent fashion magazines become a rare commodity, leaving the few artful publications remaining struggling for funding.

Nini Gollong therefore pays homage to fashion's everlasting beauty, by merging ten Vestoj magazines in a triangular sculpture of acrylic glass mirrors, which express infinity, as they reflect each other and the laced-covered construction underneath. Although the giant tipi suggests a shelter for this fragile entity, its power and beauty is threatened with extinction – the ashes of burned down magazines on the top of Manuela Paul-Cavallier’s golden wooden base suggest its near, slightly melancholic end.

Nini Gollong invites you to experience a shameful twist in fashion: the golden age of print is over and yet we're tasting its sweet reminiscence.

Text- Elisabeta Tudor

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