La Noire Galerie, Paris

For the VK Lillie summer collection 2012 Nini Gollong swathes the beautiful medicine bags in a wonderland of 900 Feng Shui crystals bathed in light. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese method of using the forces of nature to improve the various parts of your life. Enclosed by the natural flower smell of 45 fresh lilies and a custom music production by Hamid Bagherzadeh. By following the path in the crystal labyrinth on the negative of the VK Lillie logo made from natural sand, the spectator will get an insight of the new collection. One special pièce is to be seen in the middle of a draped tent filled with mirrors and crystals that are breaking the light in all rainbow colors. In this collaboration with VK Lillie Nini Gollong invites you to experience her utterly unique personal world. The subtle juxtaposition of nature and modernity, will enchant and captivate the spectator.